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About Lisa Brandi, the Psychotherapist

Lisa Brandi LCSW, Blog, Phone, and Email Therapy

Lisa Brandi LCSW


My name is Lisa Brandi and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or LCSW also know as a psychotherapist or therapist.  I’ve been practicing in the state of New York since 2000.  I’ve been helping people heal using researched and evidenced therapies for over 15 years.  I provide individual therapy for youth, adolescents, and adults, including couples and families. 

I would be honored to get to know you or the child you love and care for, to uncover your own healing abilities and strengths, build coping skills, and be a source of motivation and empowerment to reach goals you may have thought were out of reach. I’m a very positive person and have a lot of trust and hope for every child or adult I meet. I don’t ever assume to know or judge my clients, and treat everyone with respect and dignity. I specialize in cognitive-behvioral therapy, parenting support and skill building, youth and adolescent care.

If you want to (and I would encourage you to), you can check the status of my license by clicking here. When there, highlight “Licensed Clinical Social Worker” in the drop-down box and enter my name as brandi lisa.

 My office is located in Suffolk County, in the town of Holtsville, NY.  Please call 631-332-9610 for an appointment.

A call or an email takes little time, and may make a BIG different in your life.  

Even one session can make a world of difference.

Please Email me at lisabrandilcsw@gmail.com

or give me a call today: 631-332-9610



http://www.online-therapy.com/therapist/lisa-brandi http://www.online-therapy.com http://www.online-therapy.com/panic-attack