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Positive Steps Forward: Bodily Sensations (part 1 of 3)

Don’t let fall’s chill wind stop you from staying well and mentally healthy.  Take a stand against stress and depression by taking Positive Steps Forward!  This is part 1 of 3 Positive Steps Forward guides that help you decide which changes (body, thoughts, or behaviors) you choose to adopt for wellness.  Which one’s will you adopt?  See below to deepen your healing experience.  Stay tuned for part 2 and 3.


To change the way your body feels (Sensations)

  • Drink enough water for your body: 8-10 glasses each day
  • Sleep 8-10 hours per night—this is really, really important for optimal health. If you’re not getting good sleep, see your doctor.
  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing when needed or at intervals throughout the day.
  • Massage your hands and feet each morning before starting the day and at night before bed.
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing 3 minutes per day or as needed for centering/stress relief
  • Meditate or engage in mindfulness at least 5 minutes each day, best for 15 min. Add chanting, a mantra, or simply hum the word OM (vibrational healing).
  • Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day—the type of exercise is your choice.   Try walking around the block twice after dinner, yoga or simple stretches.
  • Eat healthy foods that are kind to you and the planet and taste good too. Listen to your body for signs to start and stop eating. See a nutritionist for specific diets.
  • Laugh—purposefully rent a funny movie, talk to a lighthearted friend, read a comic strip, or listen to Jim Gaffigan on Youtube or take out his CD from the library—he’s hilarious.
  • Try guided passive relaxation on CD, DVD, Youtube, or on a smartphone APP. Or ask for it at your next session.
  • Plan a visit to a Chiropractor or Massage Therapist for spinal re-alignment and stress relief (only as indicated).
  • Sing along with the radio. Does it really matter if you can’t hold a tune? Nope.
  • Take a hot shower and be mindful of how the water feels on your skin. Let all other thoughts—especially the negative ones—be washed down the drain each time you shower.
  • Bask in the sun for a little while each day (weather permitting ;).
  1. Choose any one or more of the above examples of change.
  2. Write down your positive intention: For example, “Deep, mindful breathing settles my nerves whenever I need it”.
  3. How will I remember to adopt this change? For example, “I will keep a post-it note in various places to help me remember to deep breathe”.
  4. What do I notice after adopting this change? Is there anything I need to do to make this work better for me?
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