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If Journals Could Talk…

Have you ever wondered what your journal would say if it could write you back?  Have you ever wished it would?

What would your journal write if it could…

  • answer all the questions you ask
  • offer genuine support when you are sad
  • cheer you on when you’re triumphant
  • challenge your beliefs when you’re stuck, and
  • help find your laughter when you thought you’d lost it?

That’d be a handy journal in deed.

If journals could talk…they’d say all the right things, they’d support your dreams and desires, know when to ask questions, know when to back off and just let you “vent”.  And guess what?

That kind of journalling does exist right here in the virtual world.  It’s called e-therapy, email therapy, or online therapy.


Online therapy via email is a kind of psychotherapy that’s more intense and goal-driven than your average journal writing practice, and a little less rigorous or structured as face-to-face or traditional psychotherapy.  For some, it’s exactly what you need when you can’t spend the time or money driving across town to a therapist’s office, or keeping up with appointments with a busy family schedule.

And it’s really cool to turn on the computer, open your email, and find one sent just for you, from someone who cares about you–unconditionally.  You’ll see it’s an email unlike the spam you delete without opening, or this month’s telephone bill, but an entry full of healing, hope, love, and encouragement.

Is email therapy something you want to try or tell a friend about?  Email me to ask a question, or click here and find out more. 

In the meantime, Be Well…

Lisa Brandi LCSW, Blog, Phone, and Email Therapy

Lisa Brandi LCSW, Blog, Phone, and Email Therapy


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